Drugs From Aphena Pharma Solutions (Formerly TestPak)

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Proprietary Drug Name Generic Name Dosage Type Start Date Primary Substance
ABILIFY ARIPIPRAZOLE Tablet 11/15/2002 Aripiprazole
Acetaminophen And Codeine acetaminophen and codeine phosphate Tablet 09/30/1988 Acetaminophen; Codeine Phosphate
ACETAMINOPHEN AND CODEINE PHOSPHATE acetaminophen and codeine phosphate Tablet 07/06/2011 Acetaminophen; Codeine Phosphate
Acyclovir acyclovir Tablet 09/21/2012 Acyclovir
Adalat CC nifedipine Tablet, Film Coated 04/21/1993 Nifedipine


  • Last updated on June 30, 2015