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Manage Your Data

Simple web-based tool to create databases and manage your data.

Easy to use

Web-based management studio and fast/lightweight REST compliant API.


Role-based API security with encryption in transit and at rest.


Supports a variety of formats including JSON, XML, CSV, and Excel.

Test Data

Create randomly generated test data to speed up testing.

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Consume Our Data

Leverage our data so you can focus on development and innovation.

Data Categories

Geography, history, sports, science, business, technology, and more.

Data Formats

Supports most common formats, including JSON, XML, CSV, and more


Custom sorting, paging, filtering, column aliasing, and more.

Use Cases

Ready-to-use data perfect for demos, prototypes, homework.

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What others are saying

“The Data API saves me a lot of time building prototypes and demos. Finding good data is no longer a hassle!”
“I use WICK management studio regularly to stand up test databases with randomly generated data.”
“I use MySafeInfo for homework assignments. They have a lot of data and working code examples too!”

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