Welcome to MySafeInfo

As software developers, we know the pains of dealing with expensive licensing and complicated database hosting requirements. That is why we created the MySafeInfo platform. With MySafeInfo cloud-hosted database services, you get a secure, highly scalable, and low-cost database solution, so your developers can spend more time on development and innovation.

Web Integrated Connector Kit

The Web Integrated Connector Kit (WICK) is a cloud-hosted database service. The WICK solution includes access to a web-based management tool and REST based API to fully manage your databases. With WICK, you spend more time on development and innovation rather than dealing with complicated and expensive database hosting requirements.

  • Simple web-based interface.
  • Lightweight fast REST based architecture.
  • Databases secured with role-based API keys.
  • Encryption in transit, encryption at rest, IP whitelisting and more.
  • Support for Virtual Private Cloud database instances to ensure network isolation.
  • Supports the most common data types: strings, numbers, booleans, dates and more.
  • Import and export files in a variety of formats: JSON, XML, CSV, Excel
  • Perfect for database-driven websites.
  • Create randomly generated test data.
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Data API

The Data API includes a variety of datasets in areas such as geography, history, sports, nature, science, business, demographics, technology and more. By leveraging MySafeInfo datasets, your team can focus on development and innovation.

  • Supports JSON, XML, CSV, Excel, SQL, HTML.
  • Features include sorting, paging, filtering, column aliasing, column selection, and more.
  • Provides out-of-the-box ready-to-use data.
  • Perfect for demos, prototypes, JSFiddles, DotNetFiddles, and student coursework.
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