MySafeInfo Recent Datasets

The following is a list of the most recent MySafeInfo datasets. We add to our library regularly, so check back often for new datasets.

50 records

Name Category Records
MLB World Series Champions Sports 120
NBA Finals Champions Sports 76
NBA MVP Winners Sports 67
Wimbledon Mens Championships Sports 136
Wimbledon Womens Championships Sports 129
MySafeInfo Categories Technology 14
MySafeInfo Datasets Technology 1,154
MySafeInfo Popular Datasets Technology 50
MySafeInfo Recent Datasets Technology 50
Rent Movie Cast Culture 25
Rent Movie Songs Culture 28
Tick, Tick... Boom! Movie Cast Culture 28
Tick, Tick... Boom! Movie Songs Culture 17
We Don't Talk About Bruno Culture 117
Encanto Songs Culture 44
Hamilton Songs Culture 46
Heisman Trophy Winners Sports 87
NFL Super Bowl Champions Sports 56
Baseball (MLB) Hall of Fame Inductees Sports 333
MLB MVP Winners Sports 183
NHL Stanley Cup Championships Sports 94
U.S. Presidents History 46
World Series of Poker Main Event Champions Sports 52
Belmont Stakes Winners Sports 153
Indianapolis 500 Races Sports 105
Kentucky Derby Winners Sports 147
Preakness Winners Sports 147
MLB All Star Game Results Sports 91
Declaration of Independence History 48
Microsoft Access Data Types Technology 14
MS Access Date Functions Technology 20
MS Access Numeric Functions Technology 18
MS Access Some Other Functions Technology 5
MS Access String Functions Technology 23
MySQL Advanced Functions Technology 19
MySQL Data Types Technology 34
MySQL Date Functions Technology 50
MySQL Numeric Functions Technology 36
MySQL String Functions Technology 33
SQL Arithmetic Operators Technology 5
SQL Bitwise Operators Technology 3
SQL Comparison Operators Technology 6
SQL Compound Operators Technology 8
SQL Keywords Technology 79
SQL Logical Operators Technology 10
SQL Server Advanced Functions Technology 12
SQL Server Data Types Technology 35
SQL Server Date Functions Technology 13
SQL Server Math/Numeric Functions Technology 28
SQL Server String Functions Technology 30


  • Last updated on September 26, 2022