NFL Super Bowl Champions

52 records

Game Date Winning Team Losing Team Score City
SuperBowl I 01/15/1967 Green Bay Packers Kansas City Chiefs 35-10 Los Angeles
SuperBowl II 01/14/1968 Green Bay Packers Oakland Raiders 33-14 Miami
SuperBowl III 01/12/1969 New York Jets Baltimore Colts 16-7 Miami
SuperBowl IV 01/11/1970 Kansas City Chiefs Minnesota Vikings 23-7 New Orleans
SuperBowl V 01/17/1971 Baltimore Colts Dallas Cowboys 16-13 Miami
SuperBowl VI 01/16/1972 Dallas Cowboys Miami Dolphins 24-3 New Orleans
SuperBowl VII 01/14/1973 Miami Dolphins Washington Redskins 14-7 Los Angeles
SuperBowl VIII 01/13/1974 Miami Dolphins Minnesota Vikings 24-7 Houston
SuperBowl IX 01/12/1975 Pittsburgh Steelers Minnesota Vikings 16-6 New Orleans
SuperBowl X 01/18/1976 Pittsburgh Steelers Dallas Cowboys 21-17 Miami
SuperBowl XI 01/09/1977 Oakland Raiders Minnesota Vikings 32-14 Pasadena
SuperBowl XII 01/15/1978 Dallas Cowboys Denver Broncos 27-10 New Orleans
SuperBowl XIII 01/21/1979 Pittsburgh Steelers Dallas Cowboys 35-31 Miami
SuperBowl XIV 01/20/1980 Pittsburgh Steelers Los Angeles Rams 31-19 Pasadena
SuperBowl XV 01/25/1981 Oakland Raiders Philadelphia Eagles 27-10 New Orleans
SuperBowl XVI 01/24/1982 San Francisco 49ers Cincinnati Bengals 26-21 Pontiac
SuperBowl XVII 01/30/1983 Washington Redskins Miami Dolphins 27-17 Pasadena
SuperBowl XVIII 01/22/1984 Los Angeles Raiders Washington Redskins 38-9 Tampa
SuperBowl XIX 01/20/1985 San Francisco 49ers Miami Dolphins 38-16 Stanford
SuperBowl XX 01/26/1986 Chicago Bears New England Patriots 46-10 New Orleans
SuperBowl XXI 01/25/1987 New York Giants Denver Broncos 39-20 Pasadena
SuperBowl XXII 01/31/1988 Washington Redskins Denver Broncos 42-10 San Diego
SuperBowl XXIII 01/22/1989 San Francisco 49ers Cincinnati Bengals 20-16 Miami
SuperBowl XXIV 01/28/1990 San Francisco 49ers Denver Broncos 55-10 New Orleans
SuperBowl XXV 01/27/1991 New York Giants Buffalo Bills 20-19 Tampa
SuperBowl XXVI 01/26/1992 Washington Redskins Buffalo Bills 37-24 Minneapolis
SuperBowl XXVII 01/31/1993 Dallas Cowboys Buffalo Bills 52-17 Pasadena
SuperBowl XXVIII 01/30/1994 Dallas Cowboys Buffalo Bills 30-13 Atlanta
SuperBowl XXIX 01/29/1995 San Francisco 49ers San Diego Chargers 49-26 Miami
SuperBowl XXX 01/28/1996 Dallas Cowboys Pittsburgh Steelers 27-17 Tempe
SuperBowl XXXI 01/26/1997 Green Bay Packers New England Patriots 35-21 New Orleans
SuperBowl XXXII 01/25/1998 Denver Broncos Green Bay Packers 31-24 San Diego
SuperBowl XXXIII 01/31/1999 Denver Broncos Atlanta Falcons 34-19 Miami
SuperBowl XXXIV 01/30/2000 St. Louis Rams Tennessee Titans 23-16 Atlanta
SuperBowl XXXV 01/28/2001 Baltimore Ravens New York Giants 34-7 Tampa
SuperBowl XXXVI 02/03/2002 New England Patriots St. Louis Rams 20-17 New Orleans
SuperBowl XXXVII 01/26/2003 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Oakland Raiders 48-21 San Diego
SuperBowl XXXVIII 02/01/2004 New England Patriots Carolina Panthers 32-29 Houston
SuperBowl XXXIX 02/06/2005 New England Patriots Philadelphia Eagles 24-21 Jacksonville
SuperBowl XL 02/05/2006 Pittsburgh Steelers Seattle Seahawks 21-10 Detroit
SuperBowl XLI 02/04/2007 Indianapolis Colts Chicago Bears 29-17 Miami Gardens
SuperBowl XLII 02/03/2008 New York Giants New England Patriots 17-14 Glendale
SuperBowl XLIII 02/01/2009 Pittsburgh Steelers Arizona Cardinals 27-23 Tampa
SuperBowl XLIV 02/07/2010 New Orleans Saints Indianapolis Colts 31-17 Miami Gardens
SuperBowl XLV 02/06/2011 Green Bay Packers Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25 Arlington
SuperBowl XLVI 02/05/2012 New York Giants New England Patriots 21-17 Indianapolis
SuperBowl XLVII 02/03/2013 Baltimore Ravens San Francisco 49ers 34-31 New Orleans
SuperBowl XLVIII 02/02/2014 Seattle Seahawks Denver Broncos 43-8 East Rutherford
SuperBowl XLIX 02/01/2015 New England Patriots Seattle Seahawks 28-24 Glendale
SuperBowl 50 02/07/2016 Denver Broncos Carolina Panthers 24-10 Santa Clara
Super Bowl LI 02/05/2017 New England Patriots Atlanta Falcons 34–28 (OT) Houston
Super Bowl LII 02/04/2018 Philadelphia Eagles New England Patriots 41–33 Minneapolis


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