WICK Bucket List Example

The Bucket List demo illustrates how you can use the WICK API to retrieve and manage your own data. This example uses a shared test account to access the WICK API. Use the form below to test adding, editing, and deleting records. The AJAX Request Log at the bottom displays a log entry each time the WICK API is called from this demo. The goal of this demo is to get you more familiar with some of the basic WICK API methods.

This list is monitored, so as you test, please be mindful and courteous with what you submit.

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Source Code

This example can be run as a stand-alone version as well. To see the stand-alone version and download the source code click here. The only external dependencies in the stand alone version are CDN references to jQuery, Bootstrap, and Font Awesome.

WICK API Example [Documentation]
The WICK API includes methods to retrieve and manage your data. Here's a simple example of a GET method to retrieve the data from the BucketList table.

Data API Example [Documentation]
The Data API provides several features to customize the data, including formatting, sorting, paging, filtering, column aliasing, column selection, and much more. Here are a few examples.

AJAX Request Log
Time Method Url Content Type Data Type Data Async